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              Herman Miller logo

              Based in Zealand, Michigan Herman Miller is a major American manufacturer of Office furniture, Equipment, and Home furnishings. At Herman Miller, the products that they made decades ago are still sought after today, and the products that they make today will endure for decades to come.

              Vitra logo

              Vitra is a Swiss Company dedicated to improving the quality of Homes, Office, and Public spaces through the power of Design.

              Lasvit logo
              Decorative Lighting

              The brand Lasvitfounded in 2007 sheds a new light on Bohemian glass from Czech Republic and takes it into the next millennium. With its mission to transform glass into breathtaking light and design experiences, Lasvit combines the authenticity of glass craft with innovative technologies and creative craftsmanship.

              Lando logo
              Kitchen System

              To promote day after day the idea that beautiful living is, above all, “quality thought”.Lando is commited in crafting variety of exclusive furniture products and tailor-made kitchens in collaboration with world-class designers. For more than 30 years, Lando has been pursuing quality in all its aspects: quality materials, processes and designs.

              Studio Italia Design lights

              Studio Italia Design has been the premier designer and producer of modern lighting fixtures since their start in 1950. Based in Venice, Italy their fixtures display the highest quality and design standards and epitomize the prestigious label: “Made in Italy.” They use only the finest materials such as hand-blown glass diffusers crafted in Murano which are then combined with stainless steel, brass and aluminium accents in a variety of finishes.

              Louis poulsen

              Founded in 1874, Louis Poulsen is a Danish lighting manufacturer born out of the Scandinavian design tradition where form follows function. The function and design of our products are tailored to reflect and support the rhythm of natural light. Every detail in the design has a purpose. Every design starts and ends with light.

              walter knoll

              The Walter Knoll Brandland in Herrenberg tells the story of high-tech and craftsmanship, reveals an inspiring interior and provides an insight into the corporate culture. Walter Knoll, clearly profess to sustainable economic activity. Thinking ecologically, acting responsibly and sustainably – a philosophy we live and breathe in the company and always have. One important aspect is enduring design quality. Durability applies not only to the appearance but also to the material. Short distances and high ?exibility thanks to cooperation with partner companies from the region are also part of our sustain-ability concept.


              A REVOLUTION IN OUTDOOR LIVING. The story begins with a pioneering idea and an inspired vision. The idea — to create high-end woven furniture using a sophisticated synthetic fiber, weather-resistant and aesthetically refined — revolutionized the outdoor market. The vision — of outdoor living rooms furnished with the same attention to looks and luxurious comfort as those inside the home — has changed the way we live outdoors, enabling people around the world to enjoy more of life’s precious moments together under the open skies.


              International designers, manufacturers and distributors of award-winning ergonomic products. Their mission and core values are to strive for new ways to enhance user experience through the seamless connection of people and technology. And they believe healthy ergonomics encourages movement through the correct balance between the person, their technology and the working environment; enhancing wellness and productivity.

              A&H logo

              Founded in the year 1961, as as a medium-sized company - have lived by the corporate philosophy in which 5 main ideas have served us as a solid base for a successful and cooperative relationship with our clients, suppliers and employees. Have the highest demands on the quality and safety of our products and services. True to the motto "Quality is when the client returns and not the goods", we subject all NETBOXES to a 100% functional test prior to dispatch.


              naughtone is a British furniture design and manufacturing company based in Yorkshire, UK. Founded in 2005 by design graduates, the business grew rapidly and in 2009 saw the launch of one of naughtone’s most significant products; the Hush chair.
              In 2016, naughtone entered into a strategic partnership with Herman Miller with a view to accelerating our growth in global markets. We manufacture at home and increasingly internationally, to support our approach to sensible lead times, pricing and environmental factors. In October 2019 Herman Miller acquired shares in naughtone taking ownership to 100%. naughtone remains an independent brand within the impressive Herman Miller Group of companies.



              Magis is a Latin word that means “more than”. For more than 40 years we have been creating design products for people’s homes, offices and public spaces. Magis was founded in 1976 in Northern Italy, and since then we have developed to become a global design player staying true to our core value: pushing the boundaries of design.

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